Our Mission

At Acacia Investigations we know you have many choices for who you chose to conduct your Origin and Cause Investigations.  We believe our reputation is our most important and effective marketing tool.  Acacia Investigations is committed to providing our customers with professional, thorough and scientifically supported investigations.

We take pride in the fact that over our twenty plus years of service we have been able keep a small but dedicated group of investigators with demonstrated longevity and experience.  All of our investigators are Certified Fire Investigators with the International Association of Arson Investigators along with many other certifications.

We are a small company big on service.  We are not a large, impersonal, national company but rather a small, local company that has strong connections and ties to the communities and areas we serve.  Originally only serving Connecticut, we have grown to include Rhode Island and Massachusetts with expansion into New York State projected in the very near future.  These strong local ties, spread across Connecticut, allow our investigators to maintain close working relationships with many past, present, and future municipal fire marshals.  We have established networks and relationships across supportive disciplines, allowing a cohesive and cooperative investigation to be accomplished.  Our Investigators are located throughout the communities we serve allowing our response to your request for an investigation to be timely, more often than not the next day, and our travel time and costs are kept minimal.

Our small business philosophy ensures our customers are only charged for the actual work that our investigators do.  There are no built-in overhead costs to cover offices or staff.  All of our investigators work on an hourly basis for services performed directly for the customer in contrast to one set price for an investigation.  Our practice is consistent with NFPA 921 which defines recognized investigative practices for our industry. Our investigations /investigators are directly overseen by the owner of the company with no regional or structural layers of communication.

We are a direct service company and look forward to being of service to you.

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